What does a Bodyguard do?

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  • Celebrity
  • Politician
  • Business executive
  •  Individual at risk of attack

They accompany their client in public to scout out potential danger. In addition to being able to prevent physical harm to their client, they must be able to communicate effectively and coordinate with other security personnel if any, in the event of a comprising situation. They must also make important decisions in emergency situations to best ensure the ultimate safety of the individual(s) they are protecting. Depending on the individual being protected, a bodyguard might work alone or be part of a security team due to the individual requiring heightened security.

In some cases, aside from the primary duty of personal protection, the role ofdriver may also be assigned to the guard. This requires them to plan the routes carefully to avoid dangerous situations for the client. Depending on the specific type of client and the location where they are, other particular tasks may be required. For celebrities for example, crowd control is important as both fans and “haters” may pose as a threat. Stalkers are another concern for this demographic. With the rise of social media, this tool has been adopted by the industry as a means of doing preliminary research to detect potential dangers as often threats will be made through such mediums and careful analysis will have to be conducted to consider these potential dangers.

Bodyguard Training and Tips

Although it is not necessary to look like a bodybuilder, it is still very important to be physically fit and should be provided with basic combat training and the necessary tech gadgets who can safeguard the client as per his expectations. This is because the job entails having to move about very quickly and also protect themselves and their client against potential threats. Having poorendurance is certainly not going to be beneficial TOP IPS Group provides accurate and adequate training for personnel to carry out activities with ease. Our TOP IPS trainer can do wonders to achieve such conditioning.

TOP IPS Group does not provide the training but also keeps a track of the training programs so that they are qualified and trained according to the client requirements. TOP IPS Group has quality professionals who keep a track of the personnel appointed for the job. A regular dip-check on the guards also keeps the guard aware and conscious about his job description. Apart from all the training TOP IPS Group provides vital support over the phone as well as email which makes them un-despicable.

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