Banking and Non Banking Institutions Services

TOP IPS GROUP provides superior security and care-taking facilities for ATMs / Banks. Our staff is highly and professional when it comes to handling the needs of individual ATMs / Banks.

Our services are efficient and hassle-free. We provide well-trained and qualified security guards to our esteemed customers for wining their trust in us.

We are rendering these services in a number of customized options after understanding the needs of our customers.

TOP Bank Security Services at Every Bank and ATMs

In Mumbai, commercial sectors like banks are one of the companies with the highest form of risk. It need not be stressed that it is because of the high amount of monetary value involved in it such as cash and gold/other high-value securities safe-kept in lockers. Are you wondering as to how you could solve this problem? Easy!!! We at Top Security Services is your answer. We offer you with all kinds of securities associated with banks.

Security Service-Bank: Every bank needs security. Now, this security should be in more than one form. We offer you with that security in the form of cameras, alarms and even security guard services.

  • Top bank security guards are well-built and equipped to face any adverse situation. Their extensive training helps them to observe any untoward situation and act in the right manner to avert disasters. Our security guards could act instinctively during threats or thefts.
  • Top Security Services security guards would also take the responsibility to safeguard the bank employees. What’s more, they are trained enough to assist the customers, if required.
  • We offer you the services of security guards who would be able to safeguard your bank during the day and night-time. This means that our security guards would do the duty on rotational basis, ensuring that each of them gets enough rest to work better!
  • Different security guards are needed for different jobs within a bank. Therefore, our guards stationed outside would keep an account of customers coming and going, while the one inside would keep an eye on the activities of the customers within the bank.

Bank security services- for ATMs

ATMs are a part of the bank. Some ATMs would be next door to the bank while some are scattered across the city in Mumbai. Wherever the ATMs are, it is necessary that a well-equipped security guard is stationed within the ATM for the safety of the customers and the ATM. Our company provides ATM security guard services that could safeguard the ATM 24/7 and also alert the right officials in case of threats.

  • Security service– ATM machines need the highest level of security especially during night times. Customers visiting ATMs at night and non-busy hours are at a higher risk of threats. We do realise that your customer’s safety is your responsibility and we take up your responsibility as utmost importance.
  • ATMs have the largest amount of non-banking transactions going on. The ATM security guard that we provide you with are always in a good state of mind and help customers, in case it is required.
  • Top security guards would come in use to you when you want to transfer cash in vans across Mumbai to load them into the ATM machines. These security guards usually carry self-defense weapons with them that come in use in case of threats.

The duties and responsibilities of security guards at the banks and ATMs are varied. We have security officers that are equipped to serve you in different ways at different premises. It is said that if you put yourself in other’s shoes, you will know what the other person needs or feels. We do exactly that- we think of your business and equip our security guards to look after it as we would do our own!