4th March National Safety Day

Celebrating National Safety Week

National Safety Day History

National Safety Day/Safety Week Campaign centers around the significance of a decrease in the pace of modern mishaps and furthermore centers around the regions that have not yet been secured by any wellbeing enactment. The crusade encourages a few associations to take an interest in building up a few exercises according to their legitimate wellbeing necessities. The battle is for the most part far-reaching, general and adaptable.

Cleanliness: Safety of the country not only comes to keep the country safe from enemies but also to keep the people safe from the disease in the country. National Security Day shows everyone the way to take their step in this direction. Keeping the country clean is also covered under the security, in which the government and the public, as well as the industrialists, are responsible and all of them together are mandatory to bring sanitation-related security in the country, thus cleanliness is also the aim of the safety day.

Food: In today’s time, the dominance of adulterated goods is more, it is also causing many diseases and this new breed is becoming weaker, it is our duty to protect the country even more. It is also a part of security.

Poverty: The number of poor in the country is also very high, due to which they are insecure. It is our duty to think for them also. In some way, the poor do not have to go hungry and they can get some means of livelihood. For this also we all need to be one, this is also a part of security.

Women Safety: We all must bear this security together. Punishment after the occurrence of the incident is the job of the court of justice, but it is necessary for all of us to think and act about ending these incidents. Only then a day like National Security Day / National Security Day will prove to be effective.
There can be many such topics, by deciding on which we should work unitedly on the day of National Security Day so that such unsafe issues of the country can be eliminated. These were all the issues that are within the country, apart from this, the issues for which we define the word security are the security of the country. You need to deploy a female security guard to make sure the safety of all female staff working in your organization.

The objective of National Safety Day

• National Safety Week is celebrated all over India, the main objective of celebrating it is to make people aware of various health and environmental related movements along with security.
• Another objective of celebrating this is also to encourage public participation in various industrial sectors for safety.
• To promote a participatory approach by engaging their employees in various safety, health, and environment-related activities.
• Through this campaign, need-based activities, self-inspection with legal requirements and promotion of official health safety and environment-related activities at the workplace.
• Promote safety at the workplace by reminding owners and employees of their legal responsibility.
• To promote security with a scientific approach and precautionary tendency.
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