Ganesh Festival at TOP IPS Group India

If there is one cultural festival that is looked forward to all over Maharashtra, it is Ganesh Chaturthi. Lord Ganesha, the elephant God is worshipped by one and all during these 11 days. Beautiful decorations and delicious delicacies are prepared in honour of the Lord. The atmosphere everywhere is extremely festive and positive.

This year proved to be quite a momentous one for TOP IPS Group India. We recently shifted into our new office in Navi Mumbai. We decided to start our journey in the office in a special way by inviting the lord of prosperity into our office.

It was decided that we, at TOP IPS Group would celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi by bringing Bappa into the office. The celebrations began with TOP IPS cha Raja being brought it with a lot of fanfare and joy.

A grand puja was organised where every member of our TOP IPS family gathered in front of Lord Ganesh to seek blessings. The event was to be for one and half day, after which we planned a Ganesh Visarjan for our Raja.

Every employee in the office was rejuvenated and refreshed with the positive presence of the lord. It was as if the atmosphere was full of light and positivity. None of us knew how time flew past us and the time to say goodbye to Lord Ganesha was upon us.

Although we did say goodbye to the Lord, each and every member of TOP IPS Group had the memories deep within their hearts. It was a Ganesh Utsav that no one would forget. Ganapati Bappa Mourya!