Security patrol services

Have You Thought About Security Patrol Services For Your Premises?

Security patrol services are an important part of running an efficient and safe business operation. Since owning a residential apartment complex is a business operation, it’s important to keep your tenant’s safe. Are you thinking about hiring security patrol services? Let’s look at how this can benefit your operation.

Patrol Services for Residential Complexes

Common crimes that occur around residential complexes include burglaries, vandalism, and thefts. Hiring professional security patrol services has many benefits, with the main aim being to prevent any loss to your apartment complex; or residential living complex and act as a deterrent to would-be intruders.

During the night, cars are stolen or broken into, even with regular safety measures in place such as securing your garage doors. During the day, home break-ins occur when thieves believe no one is at home. There are other areas of the home that appear to be easy-access spots such as open fence in the backyard or a faulty garage door. You, as well as your tenants, can benefit from hiring patrol services to keep your area safe.

Benefits of Residential Patrol Services

Hiring a trusted security company to take care of your residential complex area provides many benefits that perhaps you have only considered. Let’s look at this in action.

Crime Deterrent

Thieves and burglars are actively looking for opportunities to take advantage of a situation, whether it be car theft or a house break-in. Having a security presence puts thieves off because it makes their access that much harder, and their chances of being caught increase. They’re more likely to target an area that has no security presence and appears to have easy access. Suspicious activity can quickly be picked up and crimes can be prevented.

Constant Sense of Security

Having a security presence gives your tenants a sense of security and peace of mind that they are being taken care of, that they can enjoy the comfort of their home and their family without feeling threatened. Your tenants can carry on with their daily lives, come and go as they need to without feeling like their home and belongings are at risk. At night time, after locking up their home they don’t need to worry that anyone with bad intentions is taking advantage of their belonging and their home. Being able to offer this to your customers will be of great value to them.

High-Value Property, High-Value Customers

A crime-free, safe property has a much higher attraction to families and people who are often away for work. The value of the property goes up when the safety aspect is higher which naturally attracts quality customers and tenants. Longer leases will be signed and tenants are more reliable.

Handling of Security Issues Effectively

TOP IPS Group is a security control company that offers a range of security services. One of the key advantages of our offering is that our security guards are licensed. They complete a security officer course, administered by the state, which gives them the advantage of being able to handle any situation efficiently.

Patrol Services for Businesses

Patrol services are great for businesses that regularly deal with the public. Additionally, their employees and other office spaces such as entry points, offices, and parking areas. Businesses that experience regular incoming and outgoing items are more susceptible to unfavourable activity and crimes. Businesses both big and small can benefit from patrol services, amongst other security services TOP IPS Group. As with residential patrol services, this deters criminals from even attempting to target your business; whether it be vandalizing or stealing of any business property. You’re able to customize your security plan to suit your business needs. Whether it’s internal threats, loss prevention, and assistance in emergency situations, trespassing or the monitoring of surveillance cameras. TOP IPS Group has your back.

Whether you own a business or a residential block of apartments, hiring patrol security services will ultimately benefit you. Through loss prevention and increased security, you’re able to increase the value of your property. Moreover, you give your tenants and employees a feeling of safety, and prevent any financial damages to your operations. Thinking about increasing the security presence around your property? Get in touch with TOP IPS Group to put together a security plan that suits your security needs. TOP IPS Group has been in the security business for over 15 years. We offer a licensed and insured security service that covers all your security needs. Contact us today at 022 27780738/ 09920867777 or write to us on for a free security assessment. Website: