Lockdown extended further two weeks

Lockdown for Two More Weeks

The across the nation coronavirus lockdown will be reached out by two additional weeks from May 4, the administration said on Friday, taking note of huge increases from the six-week shutdown in India’s battle to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Broadening the lockdown for the subsequent time, the home service reported new rules dependent on the boundary of the nation into red zones with “noteworthy danger of the spread of the disease”; green zones with either zero cases or no affirmed cases in the previous 21 days; and those in the middle of as orange. While a few controls will apply the nation over, there will be significant relaxations in the locale in green and orange zones to restore financial action that has been slowed down during the intense limitations set up since March 25. The legislature said the tough limitations have kept coronavirus cases to a generally low 35,365 as of Friday, with 1,152 passings. No action except most basic will be permitted in regulation zones. The greatest and most financially significant urban communities including Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai and Ahmedabad, all checked red zones, will remain under exacting lockdown.

We need to follow the instruction to avoid the pandemic COVID 19. It is our responsibility to not spread the disease and help to overcome this situation so that everyone can be moved freely. TOP IPS GROUP prays that after two weeks the situation would come under control and more region become green zone.