Security Service

Why Hire A Security Consulting Agency?

Security agencies can seem like a luxury service reserved only for a handful of top facilities, but the facts speak for themselves. A security consulting firm provides many services that will complement your current security systems. While all forms of security are non-revenue producing expenses, a security consulting company’s value is far out ways the cost. Consider these top benefits to hiring a security consulting company.

  1. Fresh Eyes and An Unbiased Opinion
    An outsider who is unfamiliar with current security systems and protocols is able to analyze and pick up on areas of vulnerability. After working in an environment for a while, it becomes harder to be objective. Security consultants know exactly what to look for when evaluating a property.
  2. Cost-Effective Security Solutions
    Their experience as security consultants can help your company avoid costly mistakes. They’ll help you avoid wasting money on unnecessary equipment purchases and services. Organizations sometimes buy systems that don’t provide a suitable level of protection for their premises. These won’t operate as claimed or will simply be ineffective. An experienced security consultant will match the needs and budget of an organization to the most suitable solution available.
  3. Security Consulting Offers Extensive Experience
    Security consultants get to work with different security setups under all sorts of conditions. They deal with a wide variety of different organizations. Because of this, they have a lot of experience of the problems, weaknesses, and solutions that apply to your situation. Their knowledge is passed on to you immediately, without the time and expense of trial and error.
  4. Up-To-Date Knowledge
    Security technology is evolving. Security consultants work hard to keep their knowledge and experience at the cutting edge. Knowledge of security best practices is also kept up to date.
  5. Technical Security Expertise
    Implementing new security systems and equipment can be outside of your security manager’s experience. Do you need to design a security plan for a new facility? Are you preparing a request for a proposal for a new video surveillance system? Consider calling in a security consultant. An experienced security consultant can take the headache out of tasks that aren’t in the usual scope of business.
  6. Full-Time Focus
    Security managers have many responsibilities. Their time is often divided between many tasks. Hiring an external security company gives you access to a consultant who can work full-time on your project.
  7. Fresh Threat Analysis
    Threats facing today’s businesses take on many forms. If you want to reduce the credible threat level to your business, you’ll need insight into the following security vulnerabilities:
    -An increase in violence
    -New approaches to theft
    -Collusion to conspire
    -Fraud in various forms
    -Industrial sabotage
    -Data vulnerability, including tampering, theft and corruption
    -Terrorism including active shooters

Identify Critical Assets
Logistically and financially, it isn’t always possible for an organization to protect every asset. Identifying the critical assets without which the organization cannot continue running is a crucial part of apportioning funds and resources. Priorities will vary depending on the organization.

Security Analysis and Recommendations
An independent security consultant can provide an unbiased security analysis of the current security systems. Based on their findings, they will recommend improvements to optimize the current level of security. They also make allowances for future developments in security technology and take into account potential growth of the facility. This usually covers:

-Suggested security improvements, adaptations, and/or upgrades.
-Mitigation recommendations for potential security issues.
-A security improvement or upgrade timetable.
-Potential costs for introducing cost-effective technology into security systems.
-Suggest additional proven security measures.

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