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Why Security Guards Need To Stay Informed And Be Prepared For Any Situation

A security guard is the first line of defence between potential security risks and the community that they are assigned to. To do their job well involves much more than just being a security presence but requires them to stay informed and be aware at all times.

How Important Is Information For Security Guards?

Different types of information help a security guard to be effective in fulfilling his duties to the community that he oversees. A security guard without access to vital information is operating at a distinct disadvantage, which has a direct negative impact on the people and property in his care.

On The Job Information

TOP security guards are extensively trained in protocols and methods of dealing with and deterring situations that could pose a threat to the community. Well-trained security guards bring this knowledge with them into each circumstance that they face. They have been taught best practices for each scenario which guarantees that their first response to crisis will not be subjective or emotional, but rather a tried, and proven, security protocol that will lead to the safest outcome for the public.

Security guards are trained to have heightened situational awareness that enables them to recognize risks or threats and act in ways that will pre-empt and defuse potentially dangerous situations. This includes strange behaviour from potential criminals, but also situational issues such as being able to smell and trace leaking gas, hear and smell compromised electrical cables, or pick up on smoke from fire. They need mental acuity to interpret what their senses pick up on accurately, and the knowledge to act accordingly.

Knowledge Of What’s Happening In The Neighbourhood

For a security guard to offer the best service to their clients, they need to be aware of what’s going on in their local community. They should have a good handle on any criminal activity or patterns of crime that take place in their area. Being aware of community events or other gatherings that may create easy targets for potential criminals, will help them be prepared.

There are a number of ways they can keep up to date with what is going down in the neighbourhood.

  • Read the news or listening to news on local radio stations.
  • Keep an eye on neighbourhood social media, or crime watch groups.
  • Build relationships with key people and law enforcement officers in the area.

Top Security Services Are Prepared For Worst Case Scenarios

Security guards are trained to think in worst case scenarios because this helps them to be ready for anything. This is part of what makes security services so important. They have the ability to assess each situation to determine what could go wrong, and have plans in place for each scenario. This is beneficial for three main reasons:

1. Thinking through each potential problem and settling on a course of action allows for a no-hesitation response. Quick thinking can prevent injuries and save lives.

2. Being prepared allows them to be ready to nip situations in the bud before they escalate and become harder to manage or contain.

3. Framing situations within the context of worst-case scenarios allows the officer to act with the appropriate level of response for less serious events.

What Could Go Wrong If Security Isn’t Prepared?

Does it really matter if a security guard is prepared for anything, or not? Some may argue that their presence alone is enough to create a safe place for residents by being a visual crime deterrent. While there is a measure of truth in that statement, at TOP IPS Group, we believe that being present but unprepared will have a negative effect on how a security officer performs in a crisis in the following ways:

  • Slow response time. An officer who is oblivious to what is going on around him will potentially act too late to prevent harm coming to the property or people in his care.
  • Not being aware of his surroundings before a situation arises can lead to poor decisions that are made from an emotional response, rather than accurate choices that line up with standard operating practices.
  • An unprepared officer is more likely to second guess his instincts and act with a lack of confidence.

TOP IPS Group Security Officers Are Trained To Stay Informed And Be Aware

Our security officers are all trained to be vigilant, think ahead, and plan for every possible circumstance. Whether they are plain-clothed, or uniformed, our security officers are ready to meet your needs. Contact us today to find out more about the important aspects of a professional security company and how our services will help you. Give us a call! 022 27780738/ 09920867777 or write to us on, Website: