Your Industrial Property Needs More Security Than A Fence

A common belief is that crime is on the rise, therefore your industrial property does need more security than just a fence. Hiring a private security company for your industrial property is a logical choice for most people. With criminals getting craftier you’ll need to take more drastic measures than just fencing. Criminals often look for the easiest target, so having a security presence will deter the less determined criminals.

Why Do Industrial Properties Need Security?

Your business is your livelihood. It’s only logical to want to protect it, your merchandise, employees, and clients but with more outside connections, unfortunately, comes a larger chance of a security breach. Many criminals take advantage of a property’s weak spots and with industrial property, there are sometimes multiple weak spots.

Security problems can also lead to:

  • Financial losses.
  • Bad reputation with clients.
  • Low employee morale.
  • Loss of merchandise.

Security is also not just about feeling safe, it’s about preventative measures, peace-of-mind trusted security systems, and personnel as well. Taking security measures doesn’t only include fencing it also extends to security guards, cyber security, CCTV, patrols, access control, and alarm systems.

Various Ways Trespassers Can Get Onto Your Property Through A Fence

Whether you have an electrified fence, a fence with barbed wire or a normal chain link fence some trespassers will always find a way in. Most criminals would rather slide under a fence than go over the top, but if there is an overhanging tree or telephone pole they can gain access using those.

If you have a chain-link or barbed fence trespassers can easily use wire cutters to make a hole big enough for them to slip through onto your property. With an electrified fence trespassers will look for a switch or a way to disconnect it. If they can’t they’ll use a rubber mat to get over the top. The way trespassers can climb over with a normal fence or barbed fence is quite similar. Trespassers place a carpet or rug over the top so they don’t get snagged on the way over.

How Hiring Security Guards Can Help Secure Your Property

Research has shown that hiring security guards will make criminals think twice about targeting your property. Most criminals would prefer to target a property that has little to no security.

Security guards are also brilliant for larger properties and can easily patrol and monitor your properties perimeter when you are not there. High-quality guards are also trained to look for suspicious behavior or activities of criminals that may target your industrial property and other properties. Having a guard presence can increase employee morale as they start to feel more safe and secure.

Your industrial property indeed does need more security than just a fence. In the long run, it’ll help you, your company, employees, clients and it’ll help prevent financial loss. If you want to find out more about our security services, give us a call! 022 27780738/ 09920867777 or write to us on, Website: