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Quick Response Team (QRT)

In today's world, businesses must be prepared for the unexpected. A well-designed security system is critical for protecting your business, but it is only one component of the equation. A quick response team (QRT) can mean the difference between a minor incident and a major disaster.

What is QRT?

A Quick Response Team (QRT) is a security team that is specially trained and equipped to respond quickly to a security breach or attack. At Top Force, our trained security professionals are ready to respond to any security incident at a moment's notice. The team is typically on call 24/7 and can be deployed anywhere.

Why is having a QRT important?

Our QRT team is trained to mitigate different threats and contain the situation in the following scenarios :

  • Accidents
  • Bomb threats / Terrorist attacks
  • Medical emergencies
  • Fire Outbursts
  • Criminal Activities
  • Thefts / Pilferage

QRT's can also be used to provide security for high-profile events, such as:

  • Celebrity appearances
  • Political rallies
  • Sporting events

Size, Composition And Their Capabilities:

The size and composition of a QRT will vary depending on the specific needs of the business. Usually, they are deployed in teams of four to six members. The team members typically work in shifts to ensure around-the-clock coverage.

All QRTs should have the following capabilities :

  • A command and control center that can be used to coordinate the response.
  • A fleet of vehicles that can be used to quickly deploy personnel and equipment.
  • A team of medical professionals who can provide life-saving care.
  • A team of security experts who can assess the situation and provide guidance.

QRTs are an important part of any security plan. QRT's can be a valuable asset for any business that is looking to protect its people, property, and reputation. If you're not sure if a QRT is right for your business, contact a us to discuss further.